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giulyelv who we are fotoaforismi

We are Giulianna and Elvio, daughter and father passionate about photography, curious to discover, to know, lovers of telling stories not in words, but through images.

And precisely for this reason in 2018, we decided to found FOTOAFORISMI that was born as a Podcast in which Giulianna (Giuly, more commonly) and Elvio talk about photography through aphorisms, phrases, of more or less famous photographers.

From here, from the Podcast, our idea was born: to use our photos combining them, in fact, with the aphorisms of different photographers and print everything on T-shirts and sweatshirts.

The sum of all our passions, all our dreams, has led us to want to deliver to our customers the best quality in our garments and we want to be the creative minds that bring a smile, an Oh! of wonder to your heart.

For this reason, we are always looking for the means and ways to bring our customers the best of creativity and quality.

Our brand is small, it's true, but our dreams are big, very big.